Tracy McGrady with Greatest Comeback Ever

It’s sad to see great players fizzle out towards the end of their careers.  People forget just how good they were in their prime and quickly write them off to move onto the players of the next generation.  I don’t think T-Mac will be a hall-of-famer, but he was pretty fricken good in his prime.

This video is incredible.  Is it the greatest comeback that you’ve ever seen?  It has to be up there with that Reggie Miller against the Knicks dagger.

Free Marketing!


If you have a cool product that you want to market on the internet, then I am your guy.  Some people may find this to be a dumb idea but that’s because they are not creative.

The Goal:

I want to create low budget, weird/funny commercials for your company or product.


- Because I am wasting my creative talent in an uncreative 9-5 job and I have time to kill on the weekends!

- I would like to add the videos to to boost traffic

- I have a video camera and editing software that I know how to use but I am not a professional (that’s why it is free)

- Because I want to help you

How to participate:

Send me an e-mail with your product information.  If I think it’s marketable, I will ask you to send me your product so that I can start thinking up concepts and shooting the videos.  They will be ~30 seconds in length and I will ALWAYS check with you before posting.  Give me a shot!

Proof that Aaron Rodgers is Gay

One day after a breaking his heart on the football field, Aaron Rodgers gave Jay Cutler a new heart…his own.

Rodgers - Cutler

After reports from RadarOnline outed Aaron (claiming a relationship with one-time roommate and assistant Kevin Lanflisi), he decided to throw caution to the wind and propose to long time crush, Jay Cutler.  There have been whispers around the league that Cutler will become Rodgers’ number one receiver next year.  Rodgers’ post on popular social media website ‘Instagram’ seems to confirm these rumors.

When reached for comment on the engagement, Rodgers told, “Jay and I are looking forward to spending time together this offseason.  My hope is that Jay won’t be the only one who gets a ring here in the next couple of weeks (giggles).”   He continued by saying, “Jay threw his love out there and I intercepted it, I never thought it would be so easy.”  He obviously has not watched many of Jay’s football games.

A Couple of Awesome Game Winning College Basketball Buzzer Beaters

1. I had to make this Dellavedova buzzer beater the feature video. I randomly watched this thing live and it was stunning.

2. Chandler Parsons nails a game winner from 3 quarter court.  Who would’ve thought that this shaggy MF would turn into a very good NBA player?

3. As I have stated in a previous post, I hate Austin Rivers.  But this shot was pretty baller against UNC.

4. Have you heard of Michael Snaer?  The dude hit 5 game winners last year.  You can’t teach clutch.  I honestly believe that this quality is embedded in some athletes and missing in others.  Michael Snaer should get the ball when the game is on the line.

5. All this clutch talk brings me back to Jordan.  The GOAT.  These are NBA buzzer beaters…sorry redditors.